The Number 1 Name in Fireworks

The Number 1 Name in Fireworks

About Krazy Kaplans Fireworks

Based out of Northwest Indiana, Krazy Kaplans Fireworks has unrivaled experience in the distribution and retailing of consumer fireworks. Since inception the company has been an innovator in its field and is responsible for high quality and large variety of product to select from. We are justifiably proud of our reputation, pioneering spirit and safety record. Feel free to view some of our inventory online through our website’s products page. Unfortunately due to strict shipping laws we are not able to distribute or sell fireworks online. However, you can put together a shopping list via our website, print it out, and bring it in to price match and make sure you don’t forget any desired artillery.

Krazy Kaplans Fireworks is dedicated to offering its customers the best fireworks available. This is assured by implementing rigid quality controls on all our stock. Krazy Kaplans Fireworks purchases fireworks from only the top tier of firework distributors. Along with competitive prices and quality products comes the celebration of our nation’s independence and the opportunity for the consumer to celebrate with safe consumer fireworks. Krazy Kaplans Fireworks boasts an impressive stock of top brand fireworks alongside our own Krazy Kaplans brand of fireworks. We take fireworks and firework safety seriously. Our entire stock is compliant with USA standards to insure the end user has a safe and festive 4th of July.

We offer a wide range of products from a simple and easy fireworks show to a commercial grade fireworks display. No customer is too big or too small. Our professional sales staff are always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

There is no payment needed! Print your cart and bring it to the store and one of our great employees will be happy to assist you. Dismiss